BY: Nohlan Matthew

Your decades of occupation in the sovereign land of Tibet have clearly demonstrated to the world the cold hearted nature of your ruling elite and the utter brutality of your war machine.  And yet, without your merciless actions, we may not have had the opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring display of Divine compassion that the Dalai Lama has shown us.  Reciprocity has thus been rendered.  

Tibet is a holy place that has been desecrated … and It is now time for Restoration.  The nation of China is in the midst of a Rebirth - a “rebranding” in the eyes of the world.  Your continued subjugation of the Tibetan culture will only assure you a future of darkness and condemnation.  This moment affords you a rare opportunity for Redemption!  Conscious citizens of the world call upon your highest nature to restore the freedom of the Tibetan homeland and its very special people.

And I would like to add a message to Buddhists everywhere: The proper and sacred use of Desire is not a distraction, but in these times, let us collectively guide its power as a tool for ultimate Co-Creative Transformation!

Eternal Blessings to His Holiness and to all who Desire a Planet of Peace, Balance and Justice.

BY: Rigamonti Ghislaine

I stand with Tibetans because I feel much concerned by all what they have suffered, since the RPC has invaded their country. For many years, they have been bit, tortured, killed, in the face of the disinterest of the world, just because the RPC wants to eradicate them and their religion and philosophy, so that they can spoiled more and more the richness of their soil, the richness of Tibet. This richness which has been protected by Buddhism all along those centuries. This is so painful to think that Tibetans are tortured and killed, and are, at the same time, the only people on this earth being able to transmit a philosophy old of so many centuries, made of kindness, non-violence, compassion, forgiveness, sharing, love and lead their own life through them. All those human values our world needs. Tibetans have been able to preserve in their heart this beautiful philosophy which is one of the Wonders of the world. I live in the country which has seen the birth of Human Rights. But Human Rights seem to be considered like a whim by Chinese government and they are contemptuous of them. Why Chinese government continues to torture and kill innocent people? They would considerably win if they accepted to dialogue with His Holiness and the Prime Minister Lobsang Sangay and accept their return back to their homeland. They would become true Human Beings if they would do. I am close to Tibetans. They are too precious people to disappear while they carry in their mind and their heart the universal philosophy which can be experienced by every human being on this earth, whatever his or her religion is.

Richness is not a story of money, not a story of power as Chinese government believe.

Richness is Love, Compassion, Kindness as Tibetans believe.

And only Love, Compassion, Kindness make us true Human Beings, Chinese included.

May Peace, Happiness, Love and Compassion prevail on this Earth.

Om mani padme hum

BY: Stephen Smith

I believe in maximum freedom for Tibet in their struggle against China’s facsim

BY: tara-stands

Yes, I stand with Tibetans. I’m ashamed that I live in this Western world that guzzles oil, with oil companies that make over a million dollars a minute. What would they think of our soulless endeavor to destroy the planet?  For centuries Tibetans have lived in peace, caring for each other, living in harmony with the land, and practicing the most peaceful and compassionate way of the Buddha through the leadership of The Dalai Lama.  Their history as a sovereign nation goes back centuries, but now they are part of China, not allowed to live they way they have lived when they were free to watch over us all from the top of the world.  They can only follow their beliefs in secret, and they sacrifice themselves because no one is listening to their words or cries any other way.  

Until human rights are seen by international leaders as more important than oil rights or Tibet’s potential to those who would strip it until nothing remains, can anyone who follows the sacred path of the Buddha not stand with Tibet?  They are suffering from our karma! We have each helped to create the greed that incited China’s actions.  Who in this Western world would take their own life by fire rather than taking the life of their oppressors? 

There are too many lessons yet to be learned by these people, by His Holiness, by the story and the glory of Tibet.  Together, let us: Stand for Human Rights.  Stand for Religious Freedom.  Stand for Tibet and Her People.  

BY: A.J.Hanssens

I stand with Tibettans because : what danger are they for big powerfull and rich China? All that the Tibettans wish is to be Tibettans with their own culture and religion. Is it so hard to give the Tibettans their freedom of speech, the freedom of what they allways have done, being Buddhists, every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year, ALLWAYS. Big China you can start with a Tibettan called the Dalai Lama, you will see that it is easy. Make the Tibettans happy and you get happiness too.

Ohm Mani Padme Hum

BY: Margaret

I cannot abide Chinese dominance of power over Tibet  and destroying its centuries-old beautiful culture, based on spirituality and peace.  Rather than perpetrating its brutally with cruelty and killings of the innocent, China would have benefitted instead from learning something about respect and preservation of life, human and animal.

BY: Ruth

The Tibetans show a way of life that is more present and more connected than any other I have seen.  Their culture supports this way of life in a grateful, celebratory manner that is respectful of all the life that surrounds us.  

BY: Lori Griffin

Without compassion, there can be no humanity.  Without humanity, there is nothing..

I learned about the plight of the Tibetan people through years of practicing Tibetan Buddhism and from my Master Gurus, Sri Premananda Deva and Srimati Lakshmi Devi who lived with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharmasthala.  I heard countless stories and had seen documentaries of the oppression and inhumane treatment of the Monks, Nuns, and Tibetan people. I had also seen the movie, Seven Years in Tibet.  Where is the resolution and freedom from all the atrocities and heartbreak?  It is 2014 and the world as a whole has not learned from the past mistakes and atrocities that oppression and greed for power and control  brings.  There is such useless suffering among so many.    Love and compassion conquers all.  For if we live in Divine love and compassion, then we live in harmony and balance.  We all can then live in peace and joy for all people of this Earth.  Then all our truly free. I stand for Tibet.  I stand for His Holiness the Dalai Lama and support his middle way approach for freedom for Tibet and all her people!!!  I stand for justice and righteousness.  I stand for harmony and balance.  I stand for compassion and humanity!  Stand with me!  I stand for Tibet!

Om mani pedme hung…

BY: Tim

I have marched, I have protested, I have petitioned and spoken directly with my elected officials.  I have donated, meditated, prayed and debated and born witness to many others doing much much more as well.  I do not know what it will take to get the PRC leaders to the table for genuine reconciliation with Tibetan Leadership.  But I know we must do it and do it soon.  No one of us is truly free until all of us all are truly free!

BY: lavignon

i stand for tibetans because they kept alive over centuries a culture and a spirit of love , compassion and altruism. Because they have been the holders of one of the richest and the most precious spiritual teachings of the world.Because they are a peaceful and kind people. Finally because defending their cause is defending the power of non violence over bling ignorance and totalitarianism.and i wish their cause will prevail as a model and a guide for peacefully resolving conflict . A victory of enlightened qualities over the forces of separation and delusion.


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